Old Guard in Big Sky, Montana

Jill and Loren Bough are friends and clients who lived in Moscow for several years before moving back home to Montana in 2003. We had kept in touch and they are on my mailing list for announcements about my work.
September, 2005 I sent out a mailing about the 25th anniversary celebration for POINT 7, a project I had done in Wilson City Park in Fayetteville Arkansas in 1979-80. In the information about the celebration and project there were two digital collage ‘plans’ for bronze sculptures. I had proposed drawings of the concept years ago but they were tabled in 1980 and never realized? Jill picked up on the “Old Guard” proposal and queried as to whether I would be interested in making one for her family’s home in Big Sky, Montana. Of course I was happy to oblige and thus the year long project began.

Here you can follow the progress of the Old Guard bronze sculpture from scale model, to enlarged clay study, molds being taken, waxes cast and ultimately the bronze castings and final finished product going out the door at my studio in Moscow. And lastly you see how the piece looked after it’s installation on the new stone structure that was built in September 2006 to accommodate the piece.
I will update the final photo when the landscaping is finished; I suspect in the summer of 2007!

Frank Williams, Moscow 2006


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